Nancy Hawker 

Povidky: Short Stories by Czech Women

 - obal knihy

This collection brings together authors of different generations, styles and backgrounds. These Czech women express their multiple perspectives on social and intimate issues with sometimes biting, sometimes gentle, insight into human nature.

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Author of fiction and literary theory, born 5th July 1946 in Prague.

She studied Czech, Russian, French and comparative literature at Charles University, then worked in the Odeon publishing house, and since 1975 she has been employed at the Institute for Czech Literature at the ASCR (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic). “The author’s fiction typically incorporates themes from her work as a literary scholar,” wrote Vladimír Novotný, “especially the classification of novels into roman-realité and roman-invention, or the pioneering theory about the meaning and forms of the initiation storyline in a work of literature.” She has published fifteen books, including Román zasvěcení (1993), Trýznivé město [Agonizing City] (1999), Komedie [Comedy] (2003), Citlivé město (2006), Vyvolávání (2010).

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