Bohumila Grögerová

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A poetic memoir by one of the most important figures in Czech literature

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Writer and translator, influenced by the avant-garde of the interwar period and the literary experiments of the 1960s.

He was born on 22nd March 1920 in Brno, studied Czech and German at universities in Prague and Brno, worked as an editor after the war, and since 1955 has worked freelance. He writes poetry, prose and dramatic texts, collaborates with radio and television, is the author of numerous studies (e.g. about František Halas and German Romanticism), does editorial work (he put together an anthology of international Dada and expressionism) and translation (inc. H. Arp, G. Benn, B. Brecht, G. Büchner, P. Celan, H. Heine, R. Char, G. Trakl). Apart from literature, his interests also touch upon the visual arts, photography and music. Since 1994 his writings have been published in a collection of seventeen volumes. Ludvík Kundera died on 17th August 2010 in Brno.

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