Dariusz Gafijczuk

Derek Sayer

The Inhabited Ruins of Central Europe

 - obal knihy

The eleven essays in this volume explore the surprising resilience of productive instabilities enclosed in historical asymmetries, cultural paradoxes, and misplaced topographies. The recent history of Central Europe - a history that vividly blurs the line between imagination and reality - is a particularly vibrant case study of such dynamics, the same dynamics that lie at the heart of modern perception.

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/25. March 2012/
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Arnošt Lustig Award goes to bishop Václav Malý

The Prague bishop Václav Malý is the first laureate of the Arnošt Lustig Award established in honour of the writer by the Czech-Israeli Chamber of Commerce.
The fifteen-member commitee selected Malý out of ten leading Czech personalities, extolling his human qualities and values. The prize will be awarded each year mirroring the values embodied by Lustig. The nominees must be Czech residents and active in the Czech Republic. The winner of the award should epitomize such traits as courage, humanness and justice.