Petr Kolečko

Petr Kolečko

Playwright and screenwriter for television projects. He was born in Broumov on 28 March 1984, he studied directing and screenwriting at Prague’s Academy of Performing Arts. He has written several plays along with the director Tomáš Svoboda.

Title Publisher Year Selected published translations Awards
Three plays (Tři hry) Prostor 2008
Tři hry
Three plays
Tři hry

He graduated with the comedy play Láska, vole (Love, Dude), about the relationship between a drummer and a poodle, which won the Evald Schorm Award in 2007. His undergraduate project was a comedy about sport called Soumrak bodů (Twilight of the Points). His play Britney Goes to Heaven is set in heaven and mocks popular culture built around glittering icons. It has been translated into several languages and received a staged reading at the Immigrants Theatre in New York. It received its premiere during the 2005/2006 season at the Petr Bezruč Theatre in Ostrava. In 2008 Petr Kolečko was nominated for the Alfréd Radok Award as talent of the year. He and Tomáš Svoboda wrote the musical play Jaromír Jágr, Kladeňák, for the Theatre Kladno, which was performed from its premiere in 2009 until 2013. “Their mystifying ironic style, dislocating and subverting reality, commenting on it and playing with it, evidently works,” wrote Jana Machalická about the play. Although Kolečko and Svoboda seem to be faithful to Jágr’s biography, they also supplement it with curious characters and meetings with them (the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, the character of old Poldi Kladno), and they also use Jágr’s involvement in the Canadian-American NHL and hockey in Russia to comment on that culture.

He was the artistic director and dramaturge at the Prague theatre group A studio Rubín. Together with Svoboda he wrote several plays including Kouzelník (The Magician, 2009/2010) and the award-winning Kauza Medeia (Medea Case).

The critically acclaimed alternative musical Pornohvězdy (Pornostars) had its premiere in 2010 in Roxy, an experimental space in Prague, and in the following season it was performed at the Petr Bezruč Theatre in Ostrava. The play eventually became an anti-musical about how pornostars try to stifle the emptiness in their lives and about nostalgia for Christmas. “Pornostars is ‘anti’ with its low costs, it requires practically no sets or props, instead of which one joke piles on top of another. It is pop, but not obtrusive, and it has something of a punk atmosphere. The cast of young actor idols (Jakub Prachař, Vojtěch Dyk, Marta Issová, Jana Stryková) makes Pornstars a real theatrical event,” wrote Magdalena Čechlovská in a performance review.

Kolečko followed up with another play, Game Boy, (with T. Svoboda, premiere in Kladno 2010/11), Klub autistů (The Autistics’ Club, 2010/11, premiere Klicper Theatre, Hradec Králové), and Buchty a bohyně (Cakes and the Goddess, 2012, premiere DISK Theatre in Prague).

In recent years he has focused on film and television scripts. Along with Jan Prušinovský he first of all wrote the screenplay for the serial Okresní přebor (District League, 2010), followed by a feature length film (2012) with the subtitle Poslední zápas Pepika Hnátka (Pepik Hnátek’s Last Game). He wrote the pilot episode Zrádce (Traitor, 2014) for the series Nevinné lži (Innocent Lies), again looking at football and the people who make up the main backdrop. There then followed the rather less-well received serials Vinaři, Marta a Věra and Kdyby byly ryby (The Winegrowers, Marta and Věra, and If there were Fish). The critics were also none too enthusiastic about Zakázané uvolnění (Icing), a comedy film by Jan Hřebejek, which was based on Kolečko’s play. Success had to wait until the serial Čtvrtá hvězda (The Fourth Star), which was set in a three-star hotel on the outskirts of Prague. The relationships between the staff lead to a series of comedic situations. By using hyperbole and humour Kolečko was once again able to show the emptiness of people’s lives and their natural desire for happiness.

The end of 2015 saw the premiere of Vojta Kotek’s film Padesátka (Fifty), written by Petr Kolečko. The premiere of the animated film Nagano is set for 2018, again based on Kolečko’s screenplay.