Alessandro Catalano

Graduated in Czech Studies and history from La Sapienza University in Rome. He taught Czech literature in Florence and Pisa and is now a professor of Czech literature at the University of Padua.
He specializes in early-modern Czech history, Czech-Italian relations and modern Czech literature. He has translated Czech authors into Italian, including Karel Čapek, Bohumil Hrabal, Patrik Ouředník and Michal Viewegh. Since 2003 he and Simon Guagnelli have been publishing the Italian online Slavonic-studies journal eSamizdat. In addition to various studies and books, he has published Die Diarien und Tagzettel des Kardinals Ernst Adalbert von Harrach (1598-1667), ed. Katrin Keller and Alessandro Catalano [Veröffentlichungen der Kommission für Neuere Geschichte Österreichs, Band 104/1-7], I-VII, Böhlau Verlag, Vienna 2010, and two monographs which have been published in Czech translation: Sole rosso su Praga: La letteratura ceca tra socialismo e underground (1945–1959) (Rome 2004) – A Red Glow above Literature: Czech literature between socialism and the underground (1945 –1959) (Brno 2008); La Boemia e la riconquista delle coscienze: Ernst Adalbert von Harrach e la Controriforma in Europa centrale (1620–1667) (Rome 2005) – A struggle of conscience: Cardinal Arnošt Vojtěch of Harrach and the Counter-Reformation in Bohemia (1620–1667) (Prague 2008).

Caso irrisolto
Case Closed
Patrik Ouředník
Fuori gioco
Michal Viewegh
La bio-moglie
Michal Viewegh
Trattato sul buon uso del vino
A Treatise on Wine Drinking
Patrik Ouředník
Romanzo per donne
A Woman's Novel
Michal Viewegh
Il caso dell'infedele Klára
The Case of Unfaithful Klára
Michal Viewegh
Quei favolosi anni da cane
The Wonderful Years of Lousy Living
Michal Viewegh
L´educazione delle ragazze in Boemia
Bringing Up Girls in Bohemia
Michal Viewegh

Title Author Year Publisher Awards
Caso irrisolto (Case Closed) Patrik Ouředník 2016 Keller
Fuori gioco (Dodgeball) Michal Viewegh 2012 Atmosphere libri
La bio-moglie (Bio-Wife) Michal Viewegh 2011 Atmosphere libri
Trattato sul buon uso del vino (A Treatise on Wine Drinking) Patrik Ouředník 2009 Duepunti
Romanzo per donne (A Woman's Novel) Michal Viewegh 2006 Instar libri
Il caso dell’infedele Klára (The Case of Unfaithful Klára) Michal Viewegh 2005 Instar libri
Quei favolosi anni da cane (The Wonderful Years of Lousy Living) Michal Viewegh 2000 Mondadori
L´educazione delle ragazze in Boemia (Bringing Up Girls in Bohemia) Michal Viewegh 1999 Mondadori