Antonín Mareš

Translator. He emigrated to West Germany in September 1968, where he graduated from the Munich Fachakademie (Sprachen und Dolmetscher Institut, English, Russian). His professional specializations include technology, natural science and literature. He translates plays and children’s stories: Fimfárum; Myth by D. Fischerová, Sudek by A. Fárová. He works with Czech theatres, Czech Radio and Czech literary journals.


1970 Neues Ulmer Theater award; 1971 Junge Ulmer Autoren; Neues Ulmer Theater literary award, short story Die Geschichte von Bintzi Mintzi 1970; collection of short stories Junge Ulmer Autoren 1971; Slon, 51. Puppeteers’ Chrudim; The Story of Watersprite, International Film and Video Festival at Brooklyn Museum, NYC.