Daniel Ordóňez

Slavonic scholar. He studied Slavonic philology at the University of Granada. As part of his studies he spent two years in residence in Russia. Before moving permanently to Prague he taught Spanish language and literature in Slovenia and Slovakia. He worked for four years as a journalist in the Spanish section of Czech Radio’s Radio Praga. He has also worked with the Cervantes Institute in Prague. He is currently working for the Czech Centre in Madrid. His first literary translation was Petr Stančík’s Mummy Mill, which was published in Spain in 2016. Since then he has translated the novels She Came From The Sea by Miloš Urban and The Lake by Bianca Bellová. He lives in Prague.

H20 and the Secret Water Mission
Petr Stančík, Galina Miklínová
Santa Bárbara
Saint Barbara
Marek Šindelka, Marek Pokorný
El lago
The Lake
Bianca Bellová
Llegó del mar
She Came from the Sea
Miloš Urban
El molino de momias
Mummy Mill
Petr Stančík

Title Author Year Publisher Awards
H2O Y LA MISION ACUATICA SECRETA (H20 and the Secret Water Mission) Petr Stančík 2020 Apache Libros
Santa Bárbara (Saint Barbara) Marek Šindelka 2020 Reino de Cordelia
El lago (The Lake) Bianca Bellová 2019 Tres Hermanas
Llegó del mar (She Came from the Sea) Miloš Urban 2018 Huso
El molino de momias (Mummy Mill) Petr Stančík 2016 Tropo Editores