Halina Lapiňa

Translator. She graduated in mathematics from the Mathematics and Physics Faculty of the University of Latvia. She taught mathematics at the same faculty and also worked for 14 years as an interpreter and translator for the Czech Republic embassy in Riga. She is the chair of the Latvia-Czech Association in Riga. She speaks Latvian, Czech, Polish and Russian, and has a working knowledge of English and German. She enjoys translating the dialogue of Czech films – she has translated some 50 Czech films for adults and children. She has translated around 20 books from Czech to Latvian and considers her main publishing house to be the Latvian publishers Pétergailis, which brought out her translation of Božena Němcová’s Grandmother, Jan Drda’s Czech Fairy Tales, Ad acta by Patrik Ouředník, Of Kids and Parents by Emil Hakl, The Lake by Bianca Bellová, and three books by Miloš Kratochvíl from the series Perpetrators of Good Deeds.