Julia Miesenböck

Czech scholar and translator. She graduated in comparative studies and Slavonic Studies from the University of Vienna and later worked as a German teacher abroad: firstly at Jagellonian University in Krakow and then at the Goethe Institute in Prague. She is a freelance translator – she translates from Czech and English to German. She translates contemporary Czech poetry and prose. In 2018, hochroth publishers brought out a collection of Marie Šťastná’s poetry entitled Wenn das Wasser kocht, and the collection of short stories Dann blühen die Gräser by Jiří Hájíček as part of the series Tschechische Auslese in 2019. Together with Veronika Siska she produced a supplement on Czech literature for the Austrian journal Lichtungen, which was published in the spring of 2019 for the Leipzig book fair.

Der Prager Golem
Můj Golem
Marek Toman
Dann blühen die Gräser
Memories of a Village Dance
Jiří Hájíček

Title Author Year Publisher Awards
Der Prager Golem (Můj Golem) Marek Toman 2019 Bahoe books
Dann blühen die Gräser (Memories of a Village Dance) Jiří Hájíček 2019 Wieser Verlag