Magda van Duijkeren Hrabová

Czech scholar. She taught Czech at Amsterdam University from 1989 (Universiteit van Amsterdam), where she graduated from in 1985. In recent years she has also taught introductions to Czech history and literary history. In 2016, when the Slavonic Studies department had to limit its specializations, which also applied to Czech teachers, she took early retirement. She is the author of the textbook Tsjechisch voor beginners 1, 2 a Tsjechisch voor doorzetters. She is an external member of a research team which, as part of the Amsterdam Centre for Language and Communication (ACLC), examines the verbal aspect in Slavonic languages – in the project Comparative Slavic Verbal Aspect & Related Issues. She is the language editor of translations of Czech classics (Hrabal, Vančura, Němcová, Weil, Hašek, Komenský, etc.) into Dutch.