Oksana Palij

Philologist. She studied Czech language and literature, and Ukrainian language and literature at the Philological Faculty of Shevchenko University (Kiev, Ukraine) from 1983 to 1988. From 1990-1999 she worked as a journalist, translator and travel-agency employee. From 2000-2004 she worked on her postgraduate studies at Ukraine’s Academy of Sciences Institute for Literature. In 2005 she defended her PhD thesis on the work of Milan Kundera. Since 2000 she has been employed at the Department of Slavonic Philology of the Shevchenko University’s Institute of Philology in Kiev (Ukraine). She was a lecturer from 2000-2006 and has been a senior lecturer since 2007. She teaches several courses including “The history of Czech literature”, “The history of Czech literary criticism”, “Literary trends and directions in Bohemia”, “The typology of the Czech novel”, and “Czech literature in the context of contemporary Europe”. She has written numerous studies for academic journals and collections, in particular on Slavonic studies (75 publications in total), and has been published in Ukraine and abroad. She has published the teaching guide “A History of Czech Literature” (2004), the academic monograph “The World in the Trap of the Novel (notes on the poetics of Milan Kundera)” (2006), the textbook “Czech Prose of the 1960s” (2008), and the teaching guide “A teaching and methodological guide for the Bachelor study of Czech literature” (2019).