Sophia Marzolff

Translator. She studied Romance and Slavonic Studies and worked for several years an editor at several publishing houses. She is now a freelance translator and literary editor. She translates from Czech, French and Italian. She has translated works by the following authors from Czech: Květa Legátová, Miloš Urban, Vlastimil Vondruška, Stanislav Komárek and currently Markéta Pilátová. She lives in Munich.

Mit Baťa im Dschungel
In the Jungle with Baťa
Markéta Pilátová
Der Held von Madrid
The Hero from Madrid
Markéta Pilátová
Im Dunkel der Kathedrale
The Shadow of the Cathedral
Miloš Urban
Kaplans Traum
The Opšlstis Foundation
Stanislav Komárek

Title Author Year Publisher Awards
Mit Baťa im Dschungel (In the Jungle with Baťa) Markéta Pilátová 2020 Wieser Verlag
Der Held von Madrid (The Hero from Madrid) Markéta Pilátová 2019 Wieser Verlag
Im Dunkel der Kathedrale (The Shadow of the Cathedral) Miloš Urban 2007 Deutscher Taschenbuch
Kaplans Traum (The Opšlstis Foundation) Stanislav Komárek 2005 Rowohlt