Veronika Siska

Czech scholar. She emigrated with her family to West Germany in 1984. After completing her school-leaving exams she spent a year in Paris, where she studied French language and culture, followed by German and Slavonic studies in Munich and Prague. She is currently completing her PhD thesis on the “Deconstruction of Czech national myths in contemporary Czech culture”. She is a freelance editor and translator and has translated books by Michal Ajvaz, Bianca Bellová, Iva Pekárkova and Pavla Šuranská.

Die Rückkehr des alten Warans
Return of the Old Komodo Dragon
Michal Ajvaz

Title Author Year Publisher Awards
Die Rückkehr des alten Warans (Return of the Old Komodo Dragon) Michal Ajvaz 2019 Wieser Verlag