Michal Sýkora

Five Dead Dogs

Trans. Gina Bakardzhieva
Пет мъртви кучета
Пет мъртви кучета
Matcom, 2021, 336 pp
Language: Bulgarian
Genre: Literary fiction
ISBN: 9786197423280
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82.2% (Rated by 27 users)

One night, a group of masked men breaks into a zoo, murders the gatekeeper and steals three American bears. A team of detectives led by Commissioner Marie Výrová are on the case. At first, their investigation is fruitless: the basic question — why would someone need live bears? — remains unanswered. Then a suspect is killed by one of his accomplices, and the detectives can be in no doubt that they are up against a very dangerous adversary.

Young police officer Kristýna Horová, a former colleague of the team, has been disciplined with a transfer to the district station in Šternberk, where she is looking into the discovery of five dead dogs carelessly buried in the woods. After her investigations lead her to dog fights organized by an ‘influential entrepreneur’ who lives locally, she reaches the conclusion that the two cases are linked. Suspense, the light and dark sides of human nature made manifest in a small town in Moravia, plus, of course, the singular police commissioner Marie Výrová…

Language: Bulgarian
Title: Пет мъртви кучета
Publisher: Matcom
Year: 2021
Pages: 336
Genre: Literary fiction