Anna Cima

I Wake Up in Shibuya

Trans. Siarhei Lisitsa
Прачынаюся ў Сібуі
Прачынаюся ў Сібуі
Januskevic Publishing House, 2021, 364 pp
Language: Belarusian
Genre: Literary fiction
ISBN: 9789857210862
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Japanologist Anna Cima’s debut novel is a contender for Czech literary discovery of the year.

A teenager called Jana finds herself in the lively Tokyo district of Shibuya. Her slightly older alter ego is studying Japanese language and culture in Prague, attempting to translate and trying to get a scholarship in Japan. The life story of the author whose work Jana is translating with a friend – the forgotten prose writer Kawashita – works its way into the mind and fate of both versions of Jana. This prose debut by the young Japanologist, with its readable and refreshingly colloquial yet in no way trivial language, looks at ways of absorbing and understanding different cultures as well as the contradiction inherent in a dream come true and presents Japan and its culture in an erudite but far from dull way.

Information about the original Czech edition

Probudím se na Šibuji

Other selected published translations (4)

Aufwachen in Shibuya German

Tokióban ébredek Hungarian

Me despertaré en Shibuya Spanish

シブヤで目覚めて Japanese

Language: Belarusian
Title: Прачынаюся ў Сібуі
Publisher: Januskevic Publishing House
Year: 2021
Pages: 364
Genre: Literary fiction