Miloš Urban

The Seven Churches

Trans. Inna G. Bezrukova
Семь храмов
Семь храмов
Olga Morozova, 2005
Language: Russian
Genre: Prose

The Seven Churches is a novel that links up to the long tradition of stories noir at the end of the century, and moreover the subtitle indicates that: “A gothic novel from Prague”. It incorporates the characteristic features of the gothic novel: the fascination for the middle ages, a story full of suspense, subcutaneous erotic, and the motive of initiation. Though Urban refers in the book to such authors as Horace Walpole and Clara Reeve, the novel is much closer to contemporary novels due to the fascination of the city (Prague), and more explicit to the sacred gothic architecture.

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Language: Russian
Title: Семь храмов
Publisher: Olga Morozova
Year: 2005
Genre: Prose