Martin Fahner

The Invincible Seven

Trans. Margarita Rumenova
Щайнер или Какво правихме
Щайнер или Какво правихме
Ergo, 2021, 192 pp
Language: Bulgarian
Genre: Literary fiction
ISBN: 9786197392753
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Dana Blatná Literary Agency
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74.8% (Rated by 19 users)

The stories of several generations of one family replete with humour and hyperbole, as well as emotional depth.

The protagonists live in difficult times. The book observes in some detail more than fifty years of history, opening in the pre-war period, giving a view of the plight of the German minority that remained in Czechoslovakia after the war, proceeding to the Russian occupation of the late Sixties and the subsequent persecution, before taking in 1989’s Velvet Revolution and beyond.

Language: Bulgarian
Title: Щайнер или Какво правихме
Publisher: Ergo
Year: 2021
Pages: 192
Genre: Literary fiction