Viktorie Hanišová


Trans. Amr Shatury
الجريمة المنسية
الجريمة المنسية
Al Arabi, 2021, 352 pp
Language: Arabic
Genre: Literary fiction
ISBN: 9789773196288
Foreign rights
Dana Blatná Literary Agency
Goodreads rating
78.4% (Rated by 786 users)

The last instalment in a trilogy on the lives of women, motherhood and profound guilt.

Nine-year-old Eliška, the main character in the novel Reconstruction, the final part of Viktorie Hanišová’s loose trilogy, spends her childhood in a dark villa with her reclusive aunt Leonie. Eliška’s trauma is almost unimaginable: her mother murdered her younger brother before committing suicide, and both bodies were discovered by the surviving daughter. Eliška knows nothing about the background to the tragedy or about her father, and when she reaches adulthood she decides to look for answers.

Viktorie Hanišova’s third novel about a complicated motherhood and a dark past unfolds around the theme of the lure of darkness and the abyss, the complex figure of the mother/murderer and the classic motif of guilt.

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Реконструкција Macedonian

Language: Arabic
Title: الجريمة المنسية
Publisher: Al Arabi
Year: 2021
Pages: 352
Genre: Literary fiction