Lucie Lomová

Anča and Pepík 1

Anča a Pepík 1
Anča a Pepík 1
Práh, 2016, 112 pp
Language: Czech
Genre: Children’s and Young Adult, Comics
ISBN: 9788072526130

A classic in European children’s comics: the first volume in the adventures of little mice Anča and Pepík.

Little mice Anča and Pepík are neighbors. They love to play detectives and go in search of fun adventures in spite of their parents’ warnings.

In the city and in the country, they face all kinds of mysteries and bad guys head-on. They are surrounded by a -sometimes magical- world where problems don’t always have an easy solution, and where tricks and lies are very similar to those of humans. However, in all their adventures, good humor always prevails.

For thirty years, the adventures of Anča and Pepík have made children throughout Europe dream. Do you dare to come along with them in their fantastic adventures?

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Anita y Pepe 1 Spanish

Language: Czech
Title: Anča a Pepík 1
Publisher: Práh
Year: 2016
Pages: 112
Genre: Children’s and Young Adult, Comics