Lucie Lomová

Anča and Pepík 2

Anča a Pepík 2
Anča a Pepík 2
Práh, 2016, 104 pp
Language: Czech
Genre: Children’s and Young Adult, Comics
ISBN: 9788072526147

The mice Anča and Pepík return in the second volume of this Central European children’s comic classic.

What has happened lately in Orejón? What is the latest news? What are the neighbors gossiping about? If there’s a mystery, the brave mice Anča and Pepík will be there to sink their teeth in. In the fourteen stories found in this book, our heroic detectives will find ancient treasures in the bowels of the earth, face a gang of art thieves, and even have to protect their family from the occasional trickster.

Anča and Pepík’s world is full of enigmas and magic, of adventures and emotions, but above all, it’s full of humor and friendship. This couple of cute little mice has made girls and boys dream of a fabulous corner in Europe, the Czech Republic, for thirty years. Do you dare to go with them on their fantastic adventures? If you dare to visit their world, you will not want to return.

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Anita y Pepe 2 Spanish

Language: Czech
Title: Anča a Pepík 2
Publisher: Práh
Year: 2016
Pages: 104
Genre: Children’s and Young Adult, Comics