Karel Jerie

Candide, Book Two — The Grand Inquisitor

Candide, Kniha druhá – Velký inkvizitor
Candide, Kniha druhá – Velký inkvizitor
BB Art, 2015, 64 pp
Language: Czech
Genre: Comics, Fantasy, Science fiction
ISBN: 9788075070999
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Karel Jerie is a cult figure in the Czech comic book scene. A classically trained painter, Jerie won first prize in the professionals category at the Polish International Festival of Comics and Games in Łódź and deserves the same attention that, for example, Jaromír 99, another legend of the Czech scene, receives abroad. In the Candide series, Jerie transforms Voltaire’s famous 18th century satire into a baroque-steampunk-space opera. In 2014, the first volume of the planned trilogy won two Muriel awards, the most prestigious Czech comic book awards. In the second book, the war-weary and disillusioned Candide reunites with Professor Pangloss who gives him a dose of bitter reality. An encounter with growers of fine cannabis in Neederland leads Candide onto a merchant ship which, however, crashes off the coast of Port Ugal. Once back on dry land, our hero has to deal with far more treacherous dangers — the ever-present bliss of the Grand Inquisitor, gallows and revolution…


“Karel Jerie continues the wild story of the first volume. Everything is excessive, overstretched, crazy, but also very enjoyable and cleverly connected with the original book by Voltaire. Jerie’s new book has a steampunk heartbeat in which the historical and futuristic are masterfully combined.

Stanislav Šulc, E15

“Both volumes of Candide prove that Jerie is an artist who is imaginative, playful — and mature. Many of his grimacing monsters — human or otherwise — will remain in the reader’s mind for a long time.”

Pavel Mandys, iLiteratura

Language: Czech
Title: Candide, Kniha druhá – Velký inkvizitor
Place: Praha
Publisher: BB Art
Year: 2015
Pages: 64
Genre: Comics, Fantasy, Science fiction