Michal Viewegh

The Mafia in Prague

Trans. Eva Profousová
Die Mafia in Prag
Die Mafia in Prag
Carl Hanser Verlag, 2014, 320 pp
Language: German
Genre: Prose
W: http://www.viewegh.cz

It seems like the summer in the city will be all but boring. In Prague 11, somebody clandestinely tracks and attacks opposition politicians and civic activists who are protesting against the planned development of Trojmezí. The attractive stockbroker Diana from the financial group Patria is blackmailed by the Russian mafia and the interior minister Stanislav Langross precipitately discharges the former lobbyist Darek Balík from the witness protection programme. Balík is hiding materials that could threaten several Czech politicians, especially the deputy defense minister Šesták.

Journalists from the daily broadsheet MF DNES suddenly have plenty to write about. The infamous Prague godfather Mord is forced to unexpectedly return from his yacht in Croatia while hit man Ras receives another “task” from his Příbram bosses. Thus begins the latest book by the most popular Czech writer, who has written his first crime story. As is often the case with Viewegh, even this time it is far from a leisurely read.

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Information about the original Czech edition

Mafie v Praze

Language: German
Title: Die Mafia in Prag
Place: Munich, Germany
Publisher: Carl Hanser Verlag
Year: 2014
Pages: 320
Genre: Prose