Viktorie Hanišová

The Mushroom Gatherer

Trans. Raija Hauck
Die Pilzsammlerin
Die Pilzsammlerin
Wieser Verlag, 2021, 300 pp
Language: German
Genre: Literary fiction
ISBN: 9783990294673
Goodreads rating
86.6% (Rated by 1532 users)

The story of an ill-fated attempt to escape trauma.

The tale of a young woman, a loner called Sára, who lives in an old cottage in the Šumava hills and makes a living by gathering and selling mushrooms. For seven years she has been following the same route through the foothills, thus maintaining a delicate balance in the dilapidated rural building where she has set up home. The hermit Sára seems unmoved by the news of her mother’s death, but the inheritance proceedings bring the family who rejected her back into her life. Sára’s house is falling apart just as her life and business are. It is time to return to the past and deal with what remained unresolved in this uprooting. After her successful 2015 debut, Anežka, Viktorie Hanišová has produced another story of parental failure.

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Language: German
Title: Die Pilzsammlerin
Publisher: Wieser Verlag
Year: 2021
Pages: 300
Genre: Literary fiction