Pavel Šrut

The Oddsockeaters

Trans. Alexander Kratochvil, Andreas Tretner
Die Sockenfresser
Die Sockenfresser
S. FISCHER Verlag, 2018, 304 pp
Language: German
Genre: Children’s and Young Adult
ISBN: 9783737341165
Goodreads rating
79.4% (Rated by 274 users)

The craftiest thieves of all time, who have yet to be caught. Perhaps you yourself have recently lost a sock. Who’s to blame? The Oddsockeaters!

Mysterious creatures that eat socks, turning pairs into oddments. Their secretive world has been revealed by author and illustrator team Pavel Šrut and Galina Miklínová in a thrilling yet funny tale of a sock-eating family, with old bachelor Mr Vavřinec and clumsy young sock-gobbler Hihlík.

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Niedoparki Polish

Os Papacalcetíns Spanish

Language: German
Title: Die Sockenfresser
Place: Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Publisher: S. FISCHER Verlag
Year: 2018
Pages: 304
Genre: Children’s and Young Adult