Michal Ajvaz

The Other City

Druhé město
Druhé město
Petrov, 2005, 170 pp
Language: Czech
Genre: Prose
ISBN: 9788072272310
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This distinctive novel is set in various shadowy settings about Prague, such as the belfry of St. Nicholas’s church, Petřín hill, a Malá strana café, Café Slavia, and the large Klementinum historical library. These are the places where a lonely young man walks at the ghostly hours of night and where flashes of the symbolic Other City emerge mingled with the reality of old Prague. All this is veiled in a dreamy atmosphere, the mysterious contents of which draw the narrator like a moth to a flame.


“Ajvaz’s novel is a gorgeous matryoshka doll of unreason, enigma and nonsense – truly weird and compelling.”

Publishers Weekly

“Some incredible things happen in this book. [… ] The writing is clear, simple, a pleasure to read.”

— Nicolas Carreau, Europe 1

Selected published translations (8)

Другой город Russian

Moderstwo w hotelu Intercontinental. Powrót starego warana. Inne miasto Polish

The Other City English

En Annan Stad Swedish

Den andre byen Norwegian

L'Altra Praga Italian

L'autre ville French

Kitas miestas Lithuanian

Language: Czech
Title: Druhé město
Place: Brno
Publisher: Petrov
Year: 2005
Pages: 170
Genre: Prose
Foreign rights
Dana Blatná Literary Agency