Petr Šabach

Shit Burns

Hovno hoří
Hovno hoří
Paseka, 1994
Language: Czech

Petr Šabach’s tragicomic short story collection which later served as inspiration for the popular film Cosy Dens (Pelíšky). The title has been lifted from the prologue which describes the differences between male and female worlds placing an emphasis on the antithetical duality of these two worldviews. While the girls on the bus enthuse about their shopping trip to Paris, the two bespectacled boys are immersed in a “serious” discussion about whether shit can burn or not…They might be only divided by a narrow aisle, symbolically they are separated by a far greater, often insurmountable chasm.

Selected published translations (2)

Gówno sie pali Polish

La mierda arde Spanish

Language: Czech
Title: Hovno hoří
Publisher: Paseka
Year: 1994