Jaroslav Rudiš

The Sky under Berlin

Trans. Chiara Rea
Il cielo sotto Berlino
Il cielo sotto Berlino
Atmosphere libri, 2010, 176 pp
Language: Italian
Genre: Prose
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First published in 2002, Jaroslav Rudiš’ debut book Nebe pod Berlínem (The Sky under Berlin) is a very refreshing piece of literature and was an immediate success. It received the Orten Prize, gained widespread publicity and attained cult status.

This somewhat autobiographical story is about a thirty-year-old who feels he has to change his run-of-the-mill life radically, before it’s too late. From one day to the next, he quits his job, leaves his girlfriend and ultimately the Czech Republic. He takes off for his boldest dreams – for Berlin. Here he is immediately engulfed by the city’s exhilarating rhythm. He encounters interesting people, forms the punk band U-Bahn, falls in love with Katrin, a student, and is fascinated by Berlin’s underground. He lives to the full and enjoys everything life has to offer him in his whirl of activity and passion for adventure. The author lets the hero drift through a whole string of remarkable and funny scenes, involving him in different situations and problems – while making very apt and trenchant comments about things as he moves along.

Information about the original Czech edition

Nebe pod Berlínem

Other selected published translations (3)

Der Himmel unter Berlin German

Niebo pod Berlinem Polish

Himmel under Berlin Swedish

Language: Italian
Title: Il cielo sotto Berlino
Place: Roma, Italy
Publisher: Atmosphere libri
Year: 2010
Pages: 176
Genre: Prose