Martin Reiner

In the Land of Cannibals

In the Land of Cannibals
In the Land of Cannibals
Druhé město, 2008
Language: Czech
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From the author’s website:

This collection is an anthology of my poems in English translation. The book completely leaves aside three collections from the 1990s, towards which I personally foster feelings of ever growing nostalgia (who wouldn’t!), yet I still cherish them with a certain fondness. Admittedly, this poetry is so heavily rhymed, and so crammed with various private references and uncanny allusions as well, it is basically untranslatable. As far as my work from the past decade and its translations are concerned, the poems are much more approachable. That is why anthologies from both of the latest collections were published in the United States: a small compilation called Where is the Urn? in 2005 (Ellsworth, Maine) and No Through Road, published by San Francisco publisher Art Bureau in 2007. Naturally, these two collections were my main source in piecing together this anthology; however, more than a quarter of the poems have not yet been published, either in Czech, or in English.

Language: Czech
Title: In the Land of Cannibals
Publisher: Druhé město
Year: 2008