Jan Novák, Jaromír 99

So Far, So Good

Trans. Christine Laferrière
Jusqu´ici tout va bien
Jusqu´ici tout va bien
Presque lune, 2021, 272 pp
Language: French
Genre: Comics
ISBN: 9782917897577
E: janknovak@gmail.com

The story of the Mašín brothers and their band waging guerilla war against the Communist regime in the early 1950s could be the most dramatic Czech tale of the 20th century. After their activities in Czechoslovakia, these five young men headed west – facing off against twenty thousand East German Volkspolizei and shooting their way to freedom.

In the novel So Far, So Good, Jan Novák wrote the story like a thrilling Czech Western and won the Magnesia Litera prize for Best Book of the Year. Now he and the artist Jaromír 99 have created a dramatic and visually arresting graphic novel in Jaromír 99’s unique and specific style of noir. After the runaway success in Czechia of their previous collaboration, Zátopek, the authors return with an even more explosive comic book.

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Zatím dobrý

Other selected published translations (3)

Tschechenkrieg German

De momento, bien Spanish

Nie jest źle Polish

Language: French
Title: Jusqu´ici tout va bien
Publisher: Presque lune
Year: 2021
Pages: 272
Genre: Comics