Miloš Urban

Santini’s Language

Trans. Kepa-Lluís Uharte-Mendikoa
La lengua de Santini
La lengua de Santini
El Anden, 2007
Language: Spanish

This novel by Miloš Urban is a dangerous search for the mystery of the universal sentence. But does it exist at all? Or is it a chimera? And why does somebody not hesitate to spill blood, merely to keep it secret? Martin Urann is the employee of a publicity agency whose ideas are drying up and is about to be sacked. He does get one last chance however, a task that no one else wants to take and no one believes can be brought to a good end. Martin Urann has to make up a slogan that is applicable for all people and all situations and could sell any goods. In his despair the hero seizes the first person that comes onto his path. It is a girl, reading a novel in the subway about saints, stars and churches. The answer may be well found precisely in this book and the ink may be blood.

Information about the original Czech edition

Santiniho jazyk

Language: Spanish
Title: La lengua de Santini
Place: Barcelona
Publisher: El Anden
Year: 2007