Lord Mord
Ediciones B, 2009, 336 pp
Language: Spanish
Genre: Prose
W: http://www.milos-urban.cz/
E: info@milos-urban.cz

Spanish edition of Lord Mord by Miloš Urban. The novel takes place in the 19th century and traces the history of reckless, debauched and impoverished earl Arca, whose advent of modern times took his favorite toy – women, and offered a new entertainment: heroin. Prague before the end of the 19th century. Rendering violence against the city is reflected in the killings of prostitutes in the Jewish ghetto. The link between the deaths is yet to be sought after track criminals, as police first, second, Adam Charles, Count Arco, whom the girl’s death affects a person who is eating itself severe respiratory diseases. Into an uneasy period of anti-government demonstrations and provocations.

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Lord Mord

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Mord in der Josefstadt German

Lord Mord English

Lord Mord Polish

Language: Spanish
Place: Barcelona
Publisher: Ediciones B
Year: 2009
Pages: 336
Genre: Prose