Iva Procházková

The Zodiac Murders / Man at the Bottom

Trans. Julia Różewicz
Mężczyzna na dnie
Mężczyzna na dnie
Afera, 2016, 416 pp
Language: Polish
Genre: Crime/Detective
ISBN: 9788394169510
W: http://www.ivaprochazkova.com/
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73.8% (Rated by 144 users)

A myriad of peculiar people surface around a dead man found in a lake: from a cannabis grower to a famous architect, a promiscuous cop to a mysterious woman from Cuba. How many motives can one murder have? We follow the unorthodox criminologist Holina as he struggles through the maze of the investigation. At the same time the novel looks deep into lives connected by a mesh of strong emotions and contradictory actions. Are you a fan of Jo Nesbø or the Danish-Swedish series The Bridge? Then you’re sure to enjoy Procházková’s newest novel. Procházková is the recipient of many awards – five Golden Ribbons, two Magnesia Literas in the category of books for children and youth, as well as the most prestigious German award for children’s books, the Friedrich Gerstäcker Award. Her books have been translated into many languages, especially German. The Zodiac Murders / Man at the Bottom was was turned into a successful Czech television series in 2015.

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Information about the original Czech edition

Vraždy v kruhu / Muž na dně

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Der Mann am Grund/ Der erste Fall von Kommissar Holina German

Language: Polish
Title: Mężczyzna na dnie
Place: Wrocław, Poland
Publisher: Afera
Year: 2016
Pages: 416
Genre: Crime/Detective