Petr Borkovec

Love Poems

Milostné básně
Milostné básně
fra, 2012, 72 pp
Language: Czech
Genre: Poetry
ISBN: 9788087429327
Goodreads rating
74.2% (Rated by 31 users)

With Milostné básně, Borkovec has launched into painfully ironic poetry. He plays with the reader, writes in code, is ironic and slanders love, nature, the family, death and the landscape. With anxious care he portrays, provides colour and gives voice to something which lacks solid form and slips through your fingers, whether within them opens up death, darkness or the desire for sex. Honest as never before, in a rawer state than the mass of words which he moulds.


“The significance of Love Poems in Borkovec’s work – especially the fragmentation of the author’s voice and his willingness to experiment – is undoubtedly a bold leap into the unknown.”

—Jana Sieberová, Psí víno

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Liebesgedichte German

Language: Czech
Title: Milostné básně
Place: Praha
Publisher: fra
Year: 2012
Pages: 72
Genre: Poetry