Jan Novák

So Far, So Good

Trans. Dorota Dobrew
Nie jest źle
Nie jest źle
Książkowe Klimaty, 2015, 750 pp
Language: Polish
Genre: Prose
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The novel Zatím dobrý (So Far, So Good) bears the subtitle “The Mašíns and the Greatest Story of the Cold War”, even though it incorporates not one but several magnificent stories – a journey of an outstanding family that survived two world wars and deadly totalitarian regimes wrought on Central Europe in the 20th century with utmost dignity. A touchy, sophisticated portrait of several extraordinary personalities – including father Mašín, a legionary, soldier and one of the “Three Kings” of the Protectorate period, his wife Zdena, mother-in-law Emma, daughter Nenda, sons Josef and Ctirad Mašín as well as their friends and collaborators.

A captivating and dramatic western unveils a story of five youngsters armed with pistols who encounter a 20-thousand strong army of the East German Volkspolizei. Eventually three of them manage to shoot themselves into the free West Berlin.

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Zatím dobrý

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Eddig megvolnánk Hungarian

So far So Good English

Language: Polish
Title: Nie jest źle
Place: Wrocław
Publisher: Książkowe Klimaty
Year: 2015
Pages: 750
Genre: Prose