Petr Borkovec, Andrea Tachezy

What They Dream About

O čem sní
O čem sní
Běžíliška, 2016, 24 pp
Language: Czech
Genre: Children’s and Young Adult
ISBN: 9788090611283
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Grandma dreams. Of course she does! And she likes to tell the stories to her grandchildren. A sailor also has dreams. And in them — no boats, no fish, nothing but dry shirts. And what about the gardener? He dreams all the time as he gazes at irises and jasmines in bloom. But a fox and a bear? Do they have dreams at night? Or during the day when they take a nap under a pine tree? And what do they dream about? Would you like to know? And a pencil? Is that going too far? A pencil doesn’t see, feel or experience anything, it doesn’t want anything and — doesn’t sleep! Or does it? And does a bread roll have dreams? Surely not, but perhaps it does…

Discover what people, animals and even inanimate objects dream about in this beautifully produced concertina book by poet Petr Borkovec and award-winning illustrator Andrea Tachezy.

Language: Czech
Title: O čem sní
Place: Praha
Publisher: Běžíliška
Year: 2016
Pages: 24
Genre: Children’s and Young Adult