Renáta Fučíková

Pictures from the Old Testament

Obrazy ze Starého zákona
Obrazy ze Starého zákona
Albatros, 2014, 104 pp
Language: Czech
Genre: Children’s and Young Adult, Prose
ISBN: 9788000037509
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This lushly illustrated book by Renáta Fučíková uses contemporary language and style to tell ancient stories from the Levant, Mesopotamia, and Egypt. The world’s creation, the flood, the journey of the wisemen, the Babylonian captivity, the founding of a new kingdom, its fall and renewal, gave rise to three world religions and forms a broad basis for human cultural history.

The beautiful illustrations will captivate children and adult readers alike, drawing them into the ancient world. Rich maps help situate the stories within the Near and Middle East.  Short chapters make this book ideal for reading at home as a family or in school. This is a perfect guide to understanding these pivotal works of world culture.

Language: Czech
Title: Obrazy ze Starého zákona
Place: Praha
Publisher: Albatros
Year: 2014
Pages: 104
Genre: Children’s and Young Adult, Prose