Emil Hakl

Of Kids & Parents

Trans. Kristin Sofie Kilsti
Om foreldre og barn
Om foreldre og barn
Bokvennen, 2011
Language: Norwegian
Genre: Prose
Foreign rights
Argo publishers
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The title Of Kids & Parents describes the whole book quite well. Nothing better than a conversation between a seventy-two year old father and his forty-two year old son. About ninety percent of the book consists of this dialogue between the father and the son, and although such an obvious lack of action may seem hopelessly boring, it is, in fact, most entertaining to read about the anecdotes they both have to share with each other. The whole conversation takes place during a stroll through Prague and sitting in cafes, but contrary to expectations, it doesn’t give a good image of the city at all. Instead of following the ‘tourist’ route passing monuments and churches, the main characters walk through weary, derelict neighbourhoods and old, dusty streets.

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Information about the original Czech edition

O rodičích a dětech

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Language: Norwegian
Title: Om foreldre og barn
Publisher: Bokvennen
Year: 2011
Genre: Prose
Foreign rights
Argo publishers