Pavel Göbl

The Penis of Truth 2012

Penis pravdy 2012
Penis pravdy 2012
Dauphin, 2010, 240 pp
Language: Czech
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New book by the winner of the 2009 Magnesia Litera Discovery of the Year award.

Penis pravdy (Penis of Wisdom) is a story about a woman and two men, each earning their living by doing odd jobs – something that can be only endured over a course of one life. Our heroes are struck by bad luck, as the story of the novella is inspired by the fairy tale Dařbuján a Pandrhola (Dařbuján and Pandrhola)set in present day. Thus, as we all know, they confront imminent immortality. And that’s the last thing they’d wish for. “ The life we lead can only be endured until death, definitely no longer than that!,”one of the characters utters.

They set out on a quest in search of death in an effort to redeem the good old temporary times. During this odyssey, they don’t experience any remarkable adventures, apart from the politically incorrect trip to Fairytale Land, where they encounter various enchanting artifacts that eventually help them.

Language: Czech
Title: Penis pravdy 2012
Place: Podlesí
Publisher: Dauphin
Year: 2010
Pages: 240