Alena Zemančíková

A Story in Indirect Speech

Příběh v řeči nepřímé
Příběh v řeči nepřímé
Větrné mlýny, 2015, 208 pp
Language: Czech
Genre: Historical fiction
ISBN: 9788074431609

People moved to the Czech borderlands in the 1950s to find a flat, work, to escape from life’s setbacks and failed marriages. The characters in the this novel were there searching for an unconventional life, options and independence in a period of oppression. People who later, with good intentions, raised a lost generation of outsiders.

A Story in Indirect Speech is an unusual family history suffused with disarray, emotional turmoil, broken hearts but also the courage to overcome wounds and resist.


“Zemančíková writes about the unspoken, about events, feelings and thoughts which we often conceal even from our own family”

— Eva Marková, A2 19/16

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Geschichte in indirekter Rede German

Language: Czech
Title: Příběh v řeči nepřímé
Place: Brno
Publisher: Větrné mlýny
Year: 2015
Pages: 208
Genre: Historical fiction