Jiří Březina


Trans. Agata Wróbel
Afera, 2018, 280 pp
Language: Polish
Genre: Crime/Detective
ISBN: 9788365707147
Goodreads rating
72.2% (Rated by 152 users)

The first volume of a series of books about detective Tomáš Volf. While studying time-barred cases, the young detective discovers a strange death which took place in 1991 in a small village near the Austrian border. When he comes across a second suspicious death, Volf decides to question a man who was involved in both investigations. Through the man’s memories, Volf tries to uncover information which has mysteriously disappeared from the files. But can he trust the man who has since become a notorious politician? What role does the history of this forgotten region play in the case? And how many layers will Volf have to uncover to reveal who got away with not one, but two murders all those years ago? Březina won the best Czech detective novel award in 2013 for On the Hill (Na kopci) and Time-barred was also nominated for this award.


“Březina has written a quality detective novel.”

Jan M. Heller, iLiteratura

Time-barred is a very good crime novel about unforgotten memories.”

Václav Grubhoffer, Českobudějovický deník

Information about the original Czech edition


Language: Polish
Title: Przedawnienie
Place: Wrocław, Poland
Publisher: Afera
Year: 2018
Pages: 280
Genre: Crime/Detective