Michal Viewegh

The Wonderful Years of Lousy Living

Trans. Alessandro Catalano
Quei favolosi anni da cane
Quei favolosi anni da cane
Mondadori, 2000
Language: Italian
W: http://www.viewegh.cz

A wildly comic story about the fate of one ordinary Czech family over the course of 20 years, from the 1960’s. At turns humorous, ironic and sentimental, an engaging portrait of their attempts to flee from history (meaning socialism) – or at least to ignore it as long as possible.

The author depicts with humorous hyperbole his parents´ life stories and also his own years of adolescence. A bitter comedy about the life of a peculiar Czech family deals with rather an attractive theme: the grey years of socialism are for numerous eyewitnesses also the happy years of their youth. The story focuses on the difficulties of a father, an eccentric workaholic with a university degree, whose efforts to protect his family without losing his own dignity leads to the threshold of insanity. In the course of the same period, the extraordinarily gifted Kvido lives out his own troubles as a writer of fiction.

Information about the original Czech edition

Báječná léta pod psa

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Language: Italian
Title: Quei favolosi anni da cane
Place: Milano
Publisher: Mondadori
Year: 2000