Michal Šanda

Gathered to Sleep

Sebrané spí si
Sebrané spí si
Nakladatelství Petr Štengl, 2012, 104 pp
Language: Czech
W: http://www.divadlo.cz/sanda/
E: michal.sanda@divadlo.cz

Michal Šanda is known to readers primarily as the author of the almost mythic encylopedia Blues 1890–1940, for his novel South American Romance and his fairy tale collection Merekvice. Most recently Šanda captivated the critics with his correspondence with 19th century writer Karl Havlíček Borovský – Letters. The book Gathered to Sleep is similarly imaginative and playful. Trying to define its genre will prove difficult as it contains stories, poems as well as non-literary texts.

Language: Czech
Title: Sebrané spí si
Place: Praha
Publisher: Nakladatelství Petr Štengl
Year: 2012
Pages: 104