Lucie Faulerová

Dust Catchers

Trans. Julia Miesenböck
Homunculus Verlag, 2021, 224 pp
Language: German
Genre: Literary fiction
ISBN: 9783946120988
Goodreads rating
80% (Rated by 11 users)

With an atmosphere reminiscent of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, this novel explores the ancient theme of crime and punishment within the family.

This debut novel, by Lucie Faulerová, is a harsh and jarring story about a young woman’s attitude to motherhood, family and children, as well as her role in society. The themes of family violence and domestic tyranny also surface in the book, and a child becomes a means of manipulating others. In Dust Catchers, relationships are impaired and complicated in, both, the protagonist’s extended and new family. Gradually, she abandons intimacy, work, and her standard role as a woman. She seeks to reveal the hidden truth about her mother, family and herself. Masochistic torment, however, is not enough to overcome the darkness of the past. Will violence suffice?

Faulerová brilliantly express the ambiguity of the line between guilt and enacting justice. The main character addresses the narrator, taking the floor and unsettling his role. The tension from this stylistic approach, the impressive pace and thrilling plot make Dust Catchers an exceptional read.

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Lapači prachu

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