Milan Děžinský

A Secret Life

Tajný život
Tajný život
Host, 2012, 80 pp
Language: Czech
Genre: Poetry
ISBN: 9788072947348
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Milan Děžinský’s poems twist and turn through murky forests and dig into the debris of the world: its hidden motivations, overlooked objects, and mysterious wounds. From the “dead-motionless floating island,/ sinking into the shadows” to the hazelnut that’s been “burrowing all the way to the bottom” of the muesli bowl, Děžinský brings the otherwise unseen into eerie half-light. This collection is unsettling, concise, dark, mischievous, and emotionally astute.

–⁠ Blue Diode Press

Selected published translations (2)

Geheimes Leben German

A Secret Life English

Language: Czech
Title: Tajný život
Place: Brno
Publisher: Host
Year: 2012
Pages: 80
Genre: Poetry