Eugen Brikcius

And the Body Became the Word

Trans. Kristina Kallert
Und das Fleisch ward Wort
Und das Fleisch ward Wort
Wieser Verlag, 2019, 120 pp
Language: German
Genre: Essay, Poetry, Prose
ISBN: 9783990293317

The collection contains all of the author’s poetry, prose and his studies and essays on art, literature and culture as well as his screenplays and radio dramas.
The texts written since the 1960s are divided into sections based on their genre and contain work published in books after 1989 as well as pieces that have so far appeared only in magazines, catalogues, monographs, collections, bibliophilic editions and unpublished texts.

This complex literary picture of Eugen Brikcius, a key figure in Czech culture during the second half of the 20th Century is accompanied by a comprehensive study by journalist and author Viktor Šlajchrt and was edited by Radim Kopáč.

Books from the Tschechishe Auslese edition are published in cooperation with the Czech publishing house Větrné mlýny.

Information about the original Czech edition

A tělo se stalo slovem

Language: German
Title: Und das Fleisch ward Wort
Place: Klagenfurt
Publisher: Wieser Verlag
Year: 2019
Pages: 120
Genre: Essay, Poetry, Prose