Miloš Urban

Urbo Kune

Urbo Kune
Argo, 2015, 372 pp
Language: Czech
Genre: Literary fiction, Prose, Science fiction
ISBN: 9788025715710
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Miloš Urban is one of the most famous Czech authors, whose translations have been published in many languages including English, German, Polish and Italian. He is especially popular in Spanish-speaking countries, where his books sell tens of thousands of copies. Winner of the Magnesia Litera award for prose, he is best known for his dark and atmospheric detective novels. In his latest book, Urban has applied his skills to the sci-fi genre. Mikuláš Jelen, a librarian, leaves his antique shop in Prague and travels to the capital city of Euroworld, Urbo, for a new job. However, he finds it hard to adapt to Urbo and has a growing feeling that the city lives its own secret life, hidden from society and the state. He can only hope that he will come to understand his role in the secret plan of the city before someone kills him. Part of a unique project of the same name which includes architecture, literature, film, art and music, Urban’s novel uses the sci-fi genre to address contemporary problems facing Europe.


“Although Urbo Kune is a sci-fi novel, it very clearly reflects the present day, and includes such pressing themes as mass migration and the influence of the internet on culture […] It is a novel filled with imagination, word play and anagrams, but also facts from various subject areas.”

Jiří Lojín, VašeLiteratura

“There is no shortage of Urban’s characteristic mystery in Urbo Kune.”

Dagmar Čechová, Blesk

Language: Czech
Place: Praha
Publisher: Argo
Year: 2015
Pages: 372
Genre: Literary fiction, Prose, Science fiction