Martin Ryšavý


Trans. Margarita Rumenova
Ergo, 2018, 298 pp
Language: Bulgarian
Genre: Prose
ISBN: 9786197392265
Goodreads rating
82.4% (Rated by 43 users)

The author of the novel Cesty na Sibiř (Journeys to Siberia), awarded with a Magnesia Litera in 2009, delivers his new book. The main character of the work of prose Vrač is a former director with numerous stints in regional and experimental theatres. Currently, he works as a Moscow utility operator. His ‘life’s production’ is turning out to be a cathartic stream of speech, an incessant grotesque monologue about absurdity which in Russia is perpetually directing human fates.

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Dimitrij der Heiler German

Language: Bulgarian
Title: Vrach
Place: Sofie
Publisher: Ergo
Year: 2018
Pages: 298
Genre: Prose