Jana Šrámková


Fra, 2013, 138 pp
Language: Czech
Genre: Prose
W: http://twitter.com/odrybnika
E: jaajy@onesim.net

The second book by the author of Hruškadóttir (2008), one of the most popular prose debuts of recent years and winner of the Jiří Orten Award.

Neither a diary, nor memories, nor scenes from life. A harrowing elegy on the loss of one’s city, house, room; a grandmother whose face you share. A novel about unborn children and those already born and first confession and a tattoo on an arm. A story of a little girl who is afraid even though she has been a woman for a long time.

Selected published translations (1)

Zaziemie Polish

Language: Czech
Title: Zázemí
Place: Praha
Publisher: Fra
Year: 2013
Pages: 138
Genre: Prose