Jana Šrámková

Susie in the Gardens

Zuza v zahradách
Zuza v zahradách
Labyrint, 2015, 60 pp
Language: Czech
Genre: Children’s and Young Adult
ISBN: 9788086803333
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It is encouraging to see the many stories authored by young writers drawing their inspiration from nature and its various forms. Jana Šrámková sets her narrative about little Susie in an urban gardening colony. Although many such places have disappeared under new construction, the garden frequented by Susie and her parents is still inhabited by a colourful array of diligent vegetable- and flower-growers. One neglected plot of land, belonging to Old Bella and her black dog, sticks out from the rest. It looks appealingly dissolute and gradually reveals some of its secrets, which enter the sphere of the little girl’s dreams. Susie used to have a key to one of the garden’s trees – its name remains a mystery even to her peers, for whom the reading of this book will amount to a refreshing out-doors expedition.


“Jana Šrámková has written a number of books for children showing her sensitivity for language and atmosphere. The short story Susie in the Gardens also displays a close connection with Andrea Tachezy’s illustrations: the result is a charming and exciting book which is especially suited for beginner readers.”

— Pavel Mandys, iLiteratura

Language: Czech
Title: Zuza v zahradách
Place: Praha
Publisher: Labyrint
Year: 2015
Pages: 60
Genre: Children’s and Young Adult