Chrujda the badger lived peacefully and quietly in his sett beneath a glade in the middle of Habřinec forest. But then one day a very odd thing happened… He rather took a fancy to Anička the weasel and that was the end of his peace and quiet, because that well-known good-looker and heart-breaker, Smradolf the polecat also had an eye on dear Anička.

The poor weasel was spoilt for choice. Both suitors had their pros and cons. Chrujda had a thriving business, but he was not much of a talker and just kept burrowing in the earth. In contrast, elegant Smradolf had a moustache like a propeller and danced like no one else in Habřinec. But then there was something about him that didn’t smell quite right.

It was Sunday and Anička went outside for a walk. Of course, both the badger and the polecat immediately wanted to join her. They both asked at the same time: Where are you going? The weasel answered: To a flooded cave, where I’ve never been before. Would you like to accompany me?

(Translated by Melvyn Clarke)